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When it comes to customization options, Windows provides a pretty decent set of tools to help you make the workspace suit your style. However, the Internet if full of third-party alternatives that want to bring more ways to handle how things look and are accessed. A suitable example in this regard is EasyDeskXP, letting you configure a custom launcher for various files and links.

It takes a little while to get the application installed on your computer, giving you the chance to check out the set of features in no time. However, you need to make sure .NET Framework is installed on the computer you use it on, but modern Windows iterations come with the package as a built-in feature.


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The application aims to somehow replace or extend the functionality of your default desktop by letting you work with a completely new dashboard. It shows tabs for different areas or activities like Internet, work, learn, play, favorites, and settings, while the status bar is fitted with buttons to quickly access the control panel, empty the recycle bin, review total and free battery, and computer power options.

By default, EasyDeskXP Crack doesn’t come with any configured links, so you need to take some time to configure them. Unfortunately, this can’t be done by dragging target items over the main window, and there’s a fixed layout with a standard number of elements you can add.

The creation window gives you the possibility to choose the type of item to add, such as EXE, DOC, or web URL, choosing an icon, and whether or not to add a text label. Although the general tab structure tricks you into believing specialized content needs to be added in each group, you’re free to add all kinds of items, regardless of the tab you’re in.

On an ending note, EasyDeskXP comes with good intentions, letting you customize the functionality of your desktop through decent visuals and launchers. However, it is a difficult to grasp at first, especially since it lacks any documentation. Moreover, the main window can’t be moved, being fixed on a specific resolution that can’t be changed.

Rating 4.5
Downloads 5118
Package size 2.1 MB
Supported systems Windows All

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