PCVITA File System Analyzer

PCVITA File System Analyzer (Crack + Keygen)

Although storage space is less of a concern now with devices capable of holding large quantities of data, moving data around can still prove to be a little tricky. However, specialized applications like PCVITA File System Analyzer can be used in order to scan specific directories to decide what files to move, and which to leave behind.

The application gets installed in little time, and lets you check out the set of features before you realize. Accommodation can feel a little difficult at first, but the initial scan process reveals all there is to know, and how the set of features can be used to your advantage.

PCVITA File System Analyzer

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First of all, you need to configure a job, with the possibility to configure more of them, and later on analyze only those of interest. Adding a new job consists of writing down a name for easy identification, a description to provide more details, as well as one or more directories you choose one by one through a dedicated browse dialog.

Once details are filled in, the application scans input folders, with results showing current folder count, number of folders inside, as well as files. What’s more, similar details can be viewed in the job listing tab, such as description, creation time, as well as other details shown after the initial scan process.

Jobs are saved even if the application is closed, so that later on scanning is done on updated content for a specific path. Analysis can be performed for more jobs at a time. All folders are shown in a list, while a table of content providing more info fields for extensions, size, level, last accessed, and more, but with no possibility to export any of the details.

All things considered, we come to the conclusion that PCVITA File System Analyzer Crack can be used to create list of directories you wish to scan periodically in order to grab info regarding extensions, size, and more. It takes a little getting used to, but the overall process is easy to learn.

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