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Find Target is a simple tool that gets integrated into the file manager's context menu to help you swiftly locate the target of shortcut files (.lnk format), whether they exist on the desktop, removable drives, network locations, or any other part of the machine. It also gives you the possibility of opening a shortcut's location in another file navigator than Windows Explorer.

It's practical when your OS doesn't come bundled with a feature for identifying the location of a .lnk file, like the frequently used "Open file location" entry, or if it was disabled. One workaround for learning the target is accessing "Properties" dialog, but this action doesn't auto-open the file manager.

Find Target

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The utility gets rapidly installed, without displaying any eyebrow-raising options during setup. Apart from creating a new entry in the right-click menu of .lnk files, which immediately opens the corresponding target in Windows Explorer, it generates two files in the Program Files location, one for accessing the configuration panel and another for performing a clean uninstallation to remove its entry from the context menu.

Once you click the app's executable file, Find Target Crack pops up a small window and informs you that it can be used via the right-click menu. By proceeding to the next step, you can instruct it to use a different file manager than Microsoft's product, whether you have an installer or portable version available.

This can be done by just finding and selecting the program's .exe via the built-in file browser. Moreover, you can specify command-line parameters. If you change your mind about the new file navigator, you can ask the app to reset the default option to Windows Explorer.

Although Find Target hasn't been updated for a long time, it was successfully integrated with the latest Windows model in our evaluation, without any compatibility issues. It may not have rich customization properties but offers a speedy solution for opening a shortcut's target in Windows Explorer or any other file manager.

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